Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here comes Spring...

oKAy, so there's only about two weeks left of winter down in here in the Southie Hemi. 
V. sad in many ways, as I honestly think the wet season is possibly the best. Yes, it may be a pain, grey cold, and often drizzly, but essentially, winter fashion is great. There's so much option in Winter. When it gets hot, there's minimal incentive to care about what clothes you want to wear, because all you want to wear is minimal clothes. At least in Winter you've more incentive to think about things, I think it's just more of a fashion-friendly season. But that being said, all seasons offer us their own characteristics of style. And as spring is nearing, it's time to get used to the warm sun and cool breezes, a weather report that warrants an outfit similar to this one above. This photograph was taken and posted by the Sartorialist (see links bar-must follow blog) a few months ago. My guess is that it was an early northern summer day. I think she's stunning. She seems so comfortable and effortlessly glamorous. It's the kind of outfit that you know just came together quite simply, and worked better than she could have anticipated. I'll admit, I shamelessly imitated this the other day, but let's face it, it works, so who cares?. Anyway, I just bought some similar darkwash high waisted shorts from Kilt (again, links bar, they've got some great stuff). they're beautifully tailored, a little longer in the leg than these ones though. But anyway, teaming it with this simple pinstriped business shirt seems to dabble in the "man style" or "boyfriend" look I myself have been quite subscribed to for the last 6 months, as well as the nice tailoring and chic accessories which make it look casual and classy at the same time. I've worn the shorts again since, this time I wore them at night with a simple white tee, preppy grey cardi (open) and sheer black stockings. It was quite cute, but somewhat sophisticated as well. They're definitely a fave new garment, and I see myself putting them to good use as spring arrives.  

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