Sunday, August 16, 2009

Head bands

...sO, how could I mention hair accessories, much less, headbands, without bringing in the girls from gossip girl to demonstrate the trend. There's no doubt about it, the hit show (which is one of my personal faves, returning early september-yay!) has made headbands the ultimate fashion accessory. I think they're adorable. (I sound so cheesy right about now) But seriously, they really cant be described without such cutesy adjectives, they're a cutesy item. 
So, I think recently there's two statements headbands have been making which are equally cool looking, and can be an ultimate acces
sory to any outfit. 

1) BAND style headbands
So these are the kind we usually see Blair (Leighton Meester) and her gang wearing around NYC. Like the cute red one she's wearing here, these headbands are the band with some kind of accent in one place along the band-I think on the side, like here, looks best. This can be a really cool look. Doing some research, in true GG style, most of the accessories on the show are high class designers and so, naturally are quite ridiculously expensive. So, for a more affordable option, you may be turned off this idea but the mainstream accessory chainstores (bling, diva and equip in NZ) actually have a pretty decent selection. The thing is the need to look past the fact that you're looking at a massive stand of fifty assorted colours of the same thing, and consider what ONE will look like alone, with your own carefully planned outfit. Or, alternatively, channeling your inner Gok Wan, you could make like me in this sitch, and try create something of your own. I found some really cute fabric patch brooches (I'll post a pic sometime) and just bought some really cheap elastic headbands from a chainstore. Pretty simple, but turned out really effective. They looked a lot like the sort of thing you'd see on the show, and what's more, I'm never gonna see someone else with the same headband as me. 
                                                     2) The SCARF style head band
These are very reminiscent of 80s madonna, or maybe 195os washerwoman, but don't have to go to either extremto work, obviously. I love wearing these, I have about four. Just simple thin scarves or strips of fabric will do, and you just tie them around your hair how you please. 

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