Sunday, August 16, 2009

My next buy...

i ADorE handbags. They're just generally gorgeous to look at (the good ones of course). I already know that in my first year as a career person, I'll probably make the fatal, unwise mistake of forking out eleven hundred dollars for a timeless chanel or balenciaga. But my future fiscal mistakes aside, for now, we have to fake it. Within the kind of stores I frequent, those generally accessible to a NZ teenager, there's rarely anything truly amazing. But I've set my sights on buying a black quilted purse sometime in one of my next shopping ventures. Obviously, coco did it first. The black chanel quilted bag is an absolute classic which I covet. It's the perfect length, size and goes with almost any ensemble. Their recent surge in popularity has meant some of the chains have been stocking a little of something similar. Wildpair, I noticed, have an assortment of sizes and styles, but I need to pick the perfect one. I think I just need to suck it up, and let go of the ultimate chanel fantasy (at least for a few years anyway) and just pick one. Because, really I'm sure there's something there that will achieve the desired look.  

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