Saturday, August 15, 2009


Edie Sedgwick.
You'll hear me talk about her a lot. LOve hER!
Andy Warhol's muse, her story's pretty tradge. Typical, too much sex drugs and- factory living. 
Well miss Edie embodies what I love about the 60s. It's hands down the decade I'd live in, ya know, if you could chose. Well, Edie was the ultimate live free die hard, fashion icon. She'd walk the streets in black stockings, a cropped tee and heels, add some statement earrings, not to mention HEAVY eye make up and thats that. The crazy, free spirited way she dressed echoed how she lived. I love going out when you know you're making a bit of a statement, and Edie did this every time- effortlessly too. (For extra Edie watch Factory Girl. I own it. It's a biopic about her life, stars Sienna Miller-one of my modern fashion faves. It's a bit of a dramatization, but you get the idea, and the wardrobe's great.) I love playing with Edie's style, not to the extreme, obviously, I do think it's a bit costume and tacky when people completely emulate someone's style, but still, in the realm of leggings, which I do consider to be pants (see various points in the 60s 80s and 90s if you disagree- we've done it before, we'll do it again) and cute mod style tops look awesome. Also her way of doing make up was extremely gorge. Striking- she'd go nuts on the eyeliner, but she'd pull it off during the day. I confess I'm not game enough for that, but still, one day perhaps. 

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