Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Leggings are Pants

WeLl....In my opinion leggings, or legumes as I like to call them, are and will always be pants. This seems to be an all take sides debate worthy of Team Jolie-Team Aniston, the paper's meant to hang OVER, no it's meant to hang UNDER- or maybe even Edward vs. Jacob. Are they or are they not to be considered pants? Should we be outraged if a girl wears her black leggings out with a regular sized t-shirt, should they remain an under garment to wear beneath a casual dress or baggy top 80s style? Well, I think we get the best of both worlds, more option and choice of style, if we just get over it and classify them as pants. Why CREATE a wardrobe restriction?? Consider them pants and we get to wear them under long tops OR short ones. Let's all make like Edie, feel free to go out in your plan black legumes- because contrary to popular belief, you're not doing anything wrong. I mean, you're hardly walking around with just you're knick-knacks on are you? Its not like everything isn't sufficiently covered. And we can draw the line between leggings and stockings because, come on, they're not the same thing- consider it this way, you wouldn't wear a sheer nylon t-shirt, but you'd wear a stretch cotton one, See?? Pants. Just a few tips though, as it probably goes without saying, dress to suit your body type, make the judgement of whether or not this is a look that's flattering for you, also, if you're wearing leggings on their own, be sure to check what you look like from the back- VPL (visible panty line) is so deeply unattractive... Have fun with it...xx

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  1. Elle, very sorry mine blog looked like yours, didn't mean it conciously. Obviously saw yours thought it looked cool and sub-conciously made mine similar. See you have changed yours - suits the blog title better, but you can't read the light blue or green maybe it should be changed? Anyways look at my blog - you will see the name and URL have changed, thought it fitted better - last one was a bit lame
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